A New Trick to Stick to Your Workout

It is not easy to stick to your workout plan, but here it is a trick: cooling your hands down during exercise. It is like holding a cold water bottle in your hands, seeming effective.

Researchers ask subjects to wear gloves which can cool their hands when they are warm. It shows that those subjects becmore less likely to quit exercise than others.

An expert says, “ People would feel comfortable when their hands are cold during exercise, then not easy to become weary.”

Because those people with cool palms gloves can do longer exercise, they get better results. They are more easy to lose weight. The study shows that it is helpful in lowering their blood pressure, and speed up their walking pace.

Getting hot is not a good feeling, which will make you wary. If you can lower your core temperature, you might be more passionate and excited to do your exercise.
There is no need to have a special glove to cool your hands down. A frozen water bottle is what you only need to bring with you in the gym, which can cool your hands during workout period.

Of course, drinking cold water can also lower your temperatue.
You can have a try, and something awesome will happen.

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