Are You Ignoring Flexor Muscles

In an era of increasing workload and invasion of desktops and laptops into all segments of corporate world, it is a common phenomenon for people spending innumerable hours sitting in front of their desktops or laptops. While it is a great tool to be used, it might be doing damage to your primary muscles that support your head and its rotator functions. They are known as flexor muscles, just in between the backbone and the throat. You might say that you go to the gym religiously or you are into some kind of sports, but that does not erase the fact that there are long hours of static posture that eventually could lead to these muscles being almost dormant. Hence, the secondary muscles receive more pressure than usual, which they can barely manage. The chain reaction of events leads to strong levels of extreme pain in the neck, headache and locked neck condition. After all, when you are sitting for long hours at a stretch, the flexor muscles are responsible for keeping your head in suitable position the entire time. So obviously, they get overworked and start failing.
When the primary muscles start failing, the secondary are not good enough to hold through and your head would start losing out the position to incline ahead. Long enough in this situation periodically and your primary muscles start losing their power to function normally for longer periods making them the most overlooked muscles of the body indeed. And this is a cumulative symbiotic process; the more the head falls forward, the higher the pressure on the primary muscles causing further loss of power and inducing further weakness.
Strangely enough, the best way to check your muscle strength is also while you are in sitting position. Try putting your head back to maximum stretch and then bring it forward, all this while you are seated. If the whole process does not cause exhaustion and take hardly any effort, your muscles are fine; otherwise, there is clearly some serious trouble brewing.
But do not worry; if there are physical states that cause weakness then there are physical routines that can increase their ability. Follow a few simple steps regularly to work on the muscles as stated below
Step 1 Bend down on the floor and be on your knees and hands (a bit like a dog). While getting into this position, make sure that your head is in a perfect straight line with your spinal cord. Also, ensure that the back is absolutely straight and not bend in any part.
Step 2 Stick out your chin in the direction of the base.
Step 3 Move your chin toward your upper body, specifically the chest slowly.
Step 4 Stay in the position for a count of one to five before you are moving back to start position.
Follow a routine of this exercise two times every day with a frequency of ten to twenty till the time you can again run the routine check for testing muscle strength for perfect results. Once muscle strength is achieved. Continue this exercise every alternate day with the seventh day in the week being a day completely off.

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