Basic steps to avoid injury in a gym

How does it feel when your favorite sports star is off the field due to an injury? As much as we hate it, athletes and injuries are always there together, it is a part of life. However, it is also a part of life for people who are not athletes; and those who like to stay in shape and prefer a gym can be prone to such injuries if they are not careful enough. However, there is no need to worry as these barriers could be avoided by paying attention to a few simple steps that require disciplined approach without any special training or act.
Step 1
When you get into the gym all charged up, it is quite common for you to jump into the act and start working out immediately. However, it is a huge mistake indeed. Your muscles need to get used to the pressure and tension being exercised up on them and they need proper conditioning in order to be able to cope up with the load exerted on them. Hence, warm up exercises are a must cannot be done without.
While your instructor must have suggested warm up exercises, a simple cross walking can do the trick for your lower part of the physique. As for the upper segment, you may choose to opt for a simple set of medicine ball exercise to practice twists.
Step 2
Leg squats in different format are one of the most well known and practiced exercises. While they are great for strengthening of muscles, if the posture and position of the body is not correct while doing the exercise, improper weight distribution generates undue pressure on the knee joints creating trouble and ultimately causing injuries in turn.
In order to avoid such trouble, ensure the form is right where the ankle always precedes the line of the knees together. Dr. Raj, CEO of Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute suggests that one easy way to ensure this is to practice the exercise against the support received from a wall.
Step 3
Wrong posture can be a cause of concern while standing up to lift loads too. If the posture is inappropriate, again, the load distribution is not correct and creates undue pressure on different parts of the back, especially the backbone, resulting in plated getting misplaced in the bone structure.
So again it is wise to look after your posture. While lifting loads in a stand up position ensure that your feet are well spread and your back is straight and not unduly bent in order to avoid inappropriate pressure distribution. You could refer to David Jack, the trainer for the correct way of his style and format of stand up exercise to strengthen your muscles properly.

Step 4
Cardio activities, especially a jog or a run are great for endurance and cardiovascular muscles; however, the condition is it has to be done in proper manner. A run along the downhill is again dangerous, as it tends to put undue pressure on hamstring. And if there is any weakness in that part, it is bound to be injured. Hamstring injuries are one of the worst possible as it destroyed the career of many athletes too.
The simple solution is to ensure an uphill run. Additionally, one could look for exercises specifically designed for hamstring strengthening.

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