Bend Deeper, Jump Higher

You will jump high if you can squat very low, according to a recent survey.

It had been in dispute for long time what is the best depth when squating. It is often that people just bend down a little when jumping. Most of trainers recommend you should do this movement because of that.

Here German researchers did a related test about the hypothesis. 60 participants were required to complete squat exercises 2 days one week, and continued it for total 10 weeks. Some of participants completed deep squats with butt lower than their kneecaps height, while others did squats by bending down little. After 10 weeks, their jumping height was measured.

What is the result? It is found that participants who did deep squats jumped higher than before by 8 percent. However, no improvement happened to the rest participants.

How does it happen? It is simple, you can imagine that more elasticity is caused if you bend lower down. Especially your hip and knee will be motivated to give you great strength and extension.

Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S, co-owner of Cressey Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts, said that it was nice to find that new notion: deeper squats were better.

So how low it should be? Gentilcore suggests squating with your thigh below your knees. If you really want to jump higher, do the following workout actions consistently. Plus, you need to take a week off. After the first exercise set, you can rest 20 seconds. 90-second rest is needed after the second exercise set. You should do each set 4 times.

1. Barbell Front Squat
Lower your thigh until it is paralled to the floor, meanhwile you should hold a bar with your palms up. Please keep your upper arms parallel to the floor, too. Return your body to be straight after squating. Repeat it 3 times.
2. Box Jump
Put a bench as high as your knee, then jump onto it. Jump down. Do this motion 4 times.

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