Build Your Own Outdoor Gym

You have been trapped indoors at your work days, so how could you stand staying in a gym confined with walls. Go outside is a good idea. Recently the Johannesburg City Council set some outdoor gyms for people doing exercising with cardio and weightlifting machines. These are free and can be good for people’s chest health to take in fresh air when sweating.

Of course you don’ t need to set such an expensive outdoor gym. You can get it just by following these tips here:

Go to the beach! It is said that hitting the beach is a challenge for your legs’ muscles. When pushing off the loose sand, all you force is weakened by the sand. So it will cost more your efforts.
Squat thrusts on the beach is good to strengthen your whole body. Stand firmly with spreading your feet as wide as your hip. Then bending yourself to be a squat position with hands on the sand. Lift your legs backword to do a pushup. After the pushup, jump when you stand up quickly.

You continue to do the pushup with increasing intensity. You can try to place your feet on a park bench, table, etc. Climbing a hill is also good.
When you feel sore in your arms, you can choose to put your hands on the bench while keeping feet on the ground. By doing that, you can do more reps with less bodyweight to lift.

No need of a gym actually. Your driveway or sidewalk can do much for you to build a best body.
An old skateboard can be a substitution of a Swiss ball to serve as a pike. Pike is a core exercise to improve your hip flexors, obliques, and six-pack muscles. Make yourself in a pushup position with skateboard under your toes. Then try to lift your hips as high as possible to pull the skateboard towards your hands. When trying your best, pause, and return to the original position by lowering your hip down slowly. Repeat the movement.

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