Do Yoga in A Manly Way

Maybe most of men think yuga is women’s privilege. However, it is not ture. Studies show us that yoga is good both for mental and physical issues. It can relieve your stree, depression, and boost your mood, too when keep your fit. A good news for men here: yoga can helo you improve sex life by prolonging your ejaculation. So,from now on, do yoga every day for 12 weeks.

Yoga is not so girly as you think. Compared with other types of exercises, like weight lifting, yoga is the most effective way to dispel stress. You are getting more and more stiff with age, yoga would be the best for you.

Try the following three forms:
Power Yoga
Yoga is not easy as it looks. It is her turn to laugh at your funny motion. So little rest is always necessary during the whole yoga. Some cardio elements are helpful for your heart health. You will sweat unconsciously.

Bikram Yoga
This is shared among Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II. Bikram yoga is a kind of yoga which is going on under 105-degree heat for 90 minutes. Heat can strenghen your muscles’ flexibility so that you are able to complete those challenging motions like triangle Pose. No spiritual communcation is here during Bikram yoga.

Rober Sidoti, yoga -instructor, is hooked by his wife to a yoga class. Finally he also became a yoga rat. Besides, he tried to convince his friends to join in. So he created yoga for his bros. That is where the name “Broga” comes. Some familiar cardiovascular motions are added with the traditional motions.

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