Do You Need to Shorten Your Cardio Workout?

Maybe you think, more time, better results when doing exercise. However, you are wrong. The result of workout is totally dependedn on your efforts.
2,400 healthy men are studied in the last 18 years to find the connection between bicycle-riding habits and health benefits. Finally we found that, those who riding bikes at a faster speed lived a longer life than those riding at a lower speed.

Sounds reasonable, right? Here is another finding: riders who spent more time riding a day didn’t face lower risk of heart disease than those who sitting more time on their chairs.
So how does it happen? Researchers guess that it is because of the oxygen intake when working out. Huge amount of oxygen helps people increase the level of insulin to lower their blood pressure and improve bone density so as to benefit their heart.
Advise here: pedalling on a bike for 3 minutes with all strength, and then break for 1 minute. Take it for 4 reps, and 3 times a week. After three weeks, you will find an amazing improvement of your oxygen intake.

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