Exercise with A Weighted Vest

A weighted training vests may bring you a look of a SWAT team badass as well as more quick reaction and agility.
Eight athletes were required to wear heavyweight vests whenever they were and whatever they did for 3 days per week.
This research continued for three weeks. We found that, those subjects had become a little faster in running race than before. Though the change is not very big, yet it is a great finding.

In this research, researchers noted the lower times improving athletes’ ability to change their directions. The ability relys on their quickness and agility. Those two skills are very essencial skills to sports like volleyball, basketball, and ping-pong.
What are vests work for? Vests give us hypergravity, like the weighted bats holding in baseball players’ hands. The hypergravity adds burden on our muscles so as to trigger them more adaptable to challenge during exercise.

Previous study said that, vests can be weared only on highly trained athletes. However, a new study found vests can work in all kinds of exercise on anyone, including people without too much training experience.

So that means you can wear weighted vests whatever exercise you take part in. The vest can bring great benefits in improving your sports performance. Thus it is in doubt that wearing a vest during exercise is yet to be popular.

Come on guys, you really should have a try of it! I am sure you are gonna in love with it!

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