Gazelle Edge Elliptical Trainers Review

Gazelle 1285 Edge is one of those training devices that you won’t see in any gym, because it is unique from many points of view. It is the perfect method for training especially for the winter, when you can’t get out of the house too much. If you are the fan of running and you can’t do this because the weather is freezing, you can practice at home with the Gazelle Edge, and you will obtain about the same results.

LGazelle Edge

The Gazelle has a weird look at first, but this look is given by the fact that it is useful. It is made of resistant materials and with comfort feet supports, allowing you a smooth and natural move. As for its price, considering the fact that you can have your own running device for 130$, we can say that this is one of the cheapest runners around.

The Gazelle Glider is one of the most important devices for cardio exercises. It has a wide range of functions, so you can program it for smooth walking, but also for full runs. It has no sudden slopes, which is in fact the main disadvantage of gliders made by other manufacturers. The computer tracks your speed while running, and you also have 5 functions allowing you to customize your programs anyway you like. You will track your speed, distance and time. Unfortunately, it does not have a heart rate monitor, which is pretty surprising for a cardio working device, but maybe this is the explanation why this device is so cheap.

Gazelle Edge

The handlers are made with a high density foam that prevents slipping and that annoying sensation that you have while sweating. They are also made of steel, making sure that your device would be reliable for the years to come. Overall, the Gazelle Edge is one of those devices that would make your training sessions a lot more interesting.


I was surprised when my trainer recommended me the Gazelle Edge, as I needed cardio exercises, and this looks more like a fitness trainer. As soon as it was delivered at my door, I understood why this device that looks so fragile, is in fact one of the most useful for training. First, it is the only device that allows me to do cardio and fitness exercises at the same time. Second, it is pretty light, so I can carry it with me anywhere around the house. Third, it works my cardio system and other functions like no other device, even if the movement is natural and comforting. Moreover, it also comes with that interesting display allowing me to follow all the aspects of training.

I have asked my husband to use it also. He is more the fan of force and power training, so he laughed a little at start. Once he got on the device, his opinion was completely changed. Today, he prefers to exercise a little with the Gazelle Edge instead of running in the park for one hour, as the effects on his body are about the same. Bottom line, the Gazelle is one of those devices that would be used by your entire family with great pleasure.


$129.99 from Amazon

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