Home gym, double stack (EXM3000LPS) by Body Solid

Everyone loves to look smart and fit as it helps you in many ways. If you have a body which is in shape then you can wear anything you want and you can look as good as you want but being fat brings many limitations upon you as not everything suits you and neither you feel good amongst your smart looking friends. So you should keep yourself fit by way of different exercises.

A multi- user gym!
The home gym which is launched by Body Solid known as the Double Stack (EXM3000LPS) gym is a fitness machine that gives you a perfect gym environment at your home and without visiting any gym you can easily have your own fitness and muscle building exercises on this gym. This gym also allows three users to use it at a time which is its attractive feature. It offers a range of different exercises which help you in losing weight as well as in building your muscle. So get aware with its all the features and have this gym today so that you can get rid of the hassle of visiting different gyms every now and then.
• The first and the foremost feature which it offers is its multi usage, that is, it allows 3 persons to use it at a time.
• All the stations of this machine offer adjustable methods so that the user of every size can use it for the chest, shoulder and back exercises.
• The pads present on this machine are durable and last longer and give you a comfortable exercising experience.
• The leg press station of this machine works with perfect and ideal capacity and its abdominal press also gives the perfect results.
• The weight stacks of this machine are 210 lbs.
• The machine covers a space of 73 inches of width, 83 inches tall and 91 inches long.

Try this machine and enjoy exercising with your family at affordable rates.

Price: $2,615.00 & FREE ShippingDetails

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