How to Cross Train Your Body Easily?

It seems that running on a treadmill is a common way to exercise. However, it is the most effective way as well.

Metabolic demand of running on a treadmill is compared with a kettlebell swing routine to test the possibility to work as a practical way of cross-training in a study.

At first, 13 participants were required to do 10-minute kettlebell swing routine including 35-second swing intervals, and 25-second rest intervals. They did that for two days. Then, they were required again to finish 1 10-minute treadmill run with the same intensity.

Finding is that, running on a treadmill gets better results as an aerobic activity. Metrics like oxygen comsumption, calories burned, and blood flow speed, are all much increased during running on a treadmill.

Compared running on a treadmill 10 minutes burned more calories than kettlebell swing with the same time, according to Jerry L. Mayhew, an professor of exercise science at Stanford University.

It doesn’mean you should throw those kettlebells away.
Mayhew added, “ Kettlebell roution is also useful as aerobic activitiy, though not as so good as treadmill.
“It is ture that running on a treadmill burned more calories, however, doing it requires us no rest. There is 25-second rest interval when doing kettlebell routine.” said Mayhew.

We can get more aerobic benefits from running, but treadmill can provide us benefits in various sides, not only aerobic, but also strength, flexibility, etc. It is not able to achieve from treadmill routine, says Mayhew.

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