Increase the Reach of your Hop

Ever felt like running with a basketball in hand and finish it with a score through a slam dunk? Well, it is every man’s dream, but only a few can hop that high. But there may be a way now you can increase the reach of your hop. According to a study conducted by a team of researchers from Lithuania, if you are looking to practice jumping exercises with intense increment in weight, you will increase your reach on a jump.
Their research tested two groups of subjects under different exercise patterns. Both the groups of men in the first half of twenties were subjected to a pattern of hopping exercise for every alternate day with the seventh day being a compulsory day off. One group continued with rapid increment in weight and frequency while the other was subjected to slow increment, though both carried same weight by the end of the experiment. By the end of the study, the first group showed almost three times better results in their ability to shoot up and reach. The secret is exposed in the form of the fact that rapid and momentary damage in muscles and then its rebuilding ensures that strength gained is higher compared to when there is a slow decay of muscles owing to slower increment of exercise intensity. Hence, higher level of power and pace.
So here is a simple regiment for you to improve on your hooping skills; follow the pattern of every alternate day exercise with the seventh day being off. Every time the frequency should be forty hop and crouch. Ensure there is gap of three seconds in between every hop and crouch. Following week should observe increment in frequency up to seventy and the last week should experience an addition of five pounds in weight carried for exercise. By the end of the third week, you can feel your increased ability. However, if you have any kind of physical issues in your knees, avoid the routine to protect them.

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