Know the Unknown Facts about Glycemic Index

To gain control over blood sugar or to reduce weight in a healthy manner taking enough energy-based food is important. Some of the food items that we take at regular basis cause unexpected hike in our blood sugar level but we must choose those item only that keeps it constant. Glycemic index actually shows how carbohydrate based food affects your energy level. When carbohydrate changes to sugar it works as a source of energy in our body.

Food with below 55 values is considered as low Glycemic and with more than 70 values is considered as a high glycemic. Fruits and vegetables generally belong to the low glycemic category and there food value is between 30 to 40 always. However, protein based food like steak or chicken don’t have any GL value at all because these are free of carbs. Well you will like to know that these food items have a decisive nature as these can reduce the GL value of other food ingredients as well. If you eat steak or chicken with fruit or vegetables, then actual GL value of that food item reduces naturally.

As food with low GL value keeps blood sugar level constant than food with high GL value, that is why taking low GL food is always a better option. Our body can easily digest high GL value food and that is why you feel hungry and tired soon after taking these foods.

The Debate between High and Low Glycemic Food
Well, it is not clear from the above argument whether there is any connection between GL value and our health development or not? Some food and nutrition related studies suggest that food low in GL value help to lose weight as it eliminate sudden crashes and spikes associated with high GL food. There it also has been said that food low in GL value help to keep type 2 diabetes in control. However, the other side of these studies is that researchers have not mentioned here whether low GL food affect our hunger, energy or satiety level or not.

Other drawback of these studies is that there they don’t mention in detail exactly what food item the subjects take. This is important to know because common people generally tend to take all types of food that include major nutrients. Thus, it was not sure how this study report proves beneficial for individuals. Moreover, it has not been mentioned in the studies, which low GL food items in particular will help to keep blood sugar in control as different food ingredients work for individual in different manner.

So, it proved to be a bit difficult to conclude whether we should avoid taking High GL food completely or not. This proves to be difficult because GL food value for particular food item is not the same. A team that researched the GI value of banana found that it keeps ranging between 30 to 62 but it is never constant. 62 GL value proves havoc for both an obese people and one who is suffering from diabetes 2. Thus, how they will decide whether they should opt for this food item or not? If they continue taking banana, considering the lowest GL value that is 30 it may result in negative. Thus, choose food items that have fixed food value and then separate the low GL value food to include in your daily diet.

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