Maintain Regularity in Exercise to Be Fit

Many people might consider going to gym a sort of task like others but doing it regularly can change their viewpoints founded in a new study by Rutgers University. Scroll below to note down about the study being made in details.
Study by researchers:
Researchers asked 40 subjects to visit gym 5 times per week or giving up the tube for forty days. This had been a difficult task for those subjects but they continued doing so. The outcome of research was impressive which had stated those people from 40 subjects maintaining the goal on regular basis preferred more the activity irrespective of what they felt before.
The reason for change in behavior is obviously maintaining regularity. Author of the study Mr. Alison Philips (Ph.D) speculated the fact saying that if a person performed a behavior on regular basis and for a long time, specific behavior turns to be a part of that individual’s self-concept or self-identity. He further stated his own example saying if he begins running and succeeds in it, he would turn into a runner.
Fitness tips by Alison Philips:
Philips has prescribed fewer tips, which can help a person to follow regularity in his/her plan. Here are mentioned some of the tips:
• Making a playlist: Researchers have come up to conclusion that people should make a playlist including wide range of songs. The playlist should even include songs not heard of than only listening to favorites. Additionally a study being conducted by a State University in California stating that men had developed definite mindset and accumulated performance while exercising via listening to music but only workout songs.
• Be sure in achieving your goal: Philips believed that subjects used in the study had never started enjoying workouts till they found it’s truly working. For example, a person can leave going to gym if he cannot find growth in muscles. Therefore, it should be kept in mind to focus on the goal and this would make the thing going on.
• Making a plan beforehand: There are times when a person needs to skip his/her exercising programs owing to hectic schedule in office or others. Following a proper contingency plan can help the person to manage everything despite obstacles. Home workouts can also be followed for hectic schedule without using any machine. This study had been done by Rod Dishman (Ph.D, professor in exercise science, University of Georgia).

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