Muscle sore: treat yourself do not suffer due to the pain

You know what heavy exercising or wrong way of doing it can do to your body. You might get a muscle sore which is very pain full. Some people even stop exercising because they have got muscle sore. But now you can treat your pain rather than just suffering due to it. Many of you might have heard about the cold water immersion treatment but are confused whether it actually works out or not. So you can now clear the confusion because it actually works.
Certain important studies and reviews supporting cold water immersion technique
Many studies, articles and reviews support the fact that the cold water immersion technique actually works in treating muscle sore. A review in The Cochrane Library even stated that a muscle sore can be cured to quite an extent of fifteen to twenty percent within a time span of one to four days.
There are many techniques people use to treat the muscle sore like – suffering with the pain till it is healed on its own, treating the sore area with tight cloth covering or bandages, jogging at a low speed to cure the pain. But the techniques are pretty primitive and are not very useful even. Not less than seventeen studies by many eminent people have proved the efficiency of the cold water immersion technique over other ways of curing the muscle sore. The usage of tight, compressed bandages or jogging at a low rate is also effective but is more time consuming and involves more pain than the cold water immersion technique. Many scientists prove their research with various studies and examples thus you should doubt the relevance.
Not only scientists many athletes have proved the theory as well
Not only different studies or certain books support the theory of cold water immersion, many athletes have also supported the theory. Many athletes have confirmed that after their heavy work out they also have muscle sore and they too follow the technique using cold water.
Every theory has two aspects; positive and negative
One should always know every story or theory has two sides to it. One is positive and the other negative. Though the different studies are to be believed but much lack the information of the negative side or the danger associated with the wrong way of having the cold water immersion technique.
The cold water instigates the body to create certain hormones which is the reason for the cure. But as too much of everything is bad; too much of cold water is also bad. Though it is not a proven fact but a lot of cold water might create free radicals which is harmful for anyone’s body. Thus one should opt for the technique but it should not be used for longer periods till the time researches study about it completely.
Certain tips by a well known athlete; Bleakley
According to a well known athlete Bleakley one should follow these few tips for better and effective results-
• One should always take into account the place he or she lives and the temperature of the place.
• The water should not be more than fifty nine degrees Fahrenheit. If the tap water s hotter than fifty four degrees Fahrenheit then one might add ice cubes to it.
• One must not stay more than five minutes in the cold water. And the first tries can be from thirty seconds and increase with time.
• Again the cold water immersion technique should be used for hard work outs and not for simple sessions.
Thus, follow the tips and treat your muscle sore on your own.

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