Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer (2013) | $664.05

Nautilus E514C is an elliptical trainer used in specialized gyms, but the people that bought this device for home use are also satisfied. It is a stepper with handlers, if you want a simple description of it, but it can be used only as a stepper, or only as a running device. It is a lot more effective than a simple running band, as it allows you to make cardio exercises at home without being worried about joints. You might also like the metallic color that is perfectly suited with any kind of living room. It is perfect for exercising while you are watching a movie, and after one hour on this device, you will feel refreshed and fully fit.

Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer 3

Nautilus E514C costs 664.05$, which might be a little over the price range for those types of devices. However, if you decide to buy a stepper and a running band, you will pay a lot more, and this device replaces both those.

Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer 2

The elliptical trainer comes with an LCD display, making it the most modern device of this type. You will even have speakers to play your favorite music, and a fan that would keep you cold while working. The display has 2.25’’, being perfect even for the eldest workout fans that need to monitor their functions very well.

Nautilus comes with 21 workout programs, and the possibility to set two profiles. In other worlds, you can exercise along with your boyfriend, and the device would follow the progresses made by both of you.

Besides the 21 workout levels, the trainer has 16 magnetic resistance levels, and a flywheel which is perfect for consistent workout. The articulating footplates would make sure that your feet would not hurt after training, and the shape of Nautilus make it perfect for a small gym or for home workout. Let’s not forget about the 6 leveling positions, which would allow you to change the difficulty of exercising as you are getting fitter and fitter.

Articulating foot plates with large foot pads


I must admit I was a little surprised about the price of this device, as I was able to find many of those that were a lot cheaper. However, as soon as I have tried it at the gym, I realized the difference. Nautilus is not a stepper for anyone. If you want quality and reliability, and a complete device suited for the entire family, this is the one that you need. My trainer explained to me all the advantages of it, and why should I buy it instead of other training devices that are cheaper.

First, it is a stepper and a runner, which is ideal, at least for me. My program is mostly based on cardio exercises, and this is why it is so important for me to have a trainer that allows me to follow all my functions. It comes with a cardio monitor, and also with calories counting. I must say that I have never trusted those calories counters, as they are never accurate, until I found this one. Even my trainer said that he has never seen a device that is able to measure calories burning with such accuracy.

$664.05 from Amazon

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