Omron HJ-112 Pedometer

Omron HJ-112
This step counter tracks the number of steps you take each day, along with the distance traveled, the time spent and even the number of calories burned. The Omron HJ-112 is a basic digital pedometer, it has a dual-axis accelerator sensor and the ability to count up to 99,999 steps. However, it lacks a few features that would greatly enhance this step-counting device.

The Omron HJ-112 will store all of your progress for up to seven days. A longer memory would be ideal. You can view all of your data, including the amount of time you stayed active, the distance you traveled, the number of steps you took and an approximate number of calories burned during your physical activity.

This walking pedometer features a dual-axis accelerator sensor. This means the step counter will accurately count your steps as long as it is in a vertical or horizontal position. If the pedometer moves to its side or on an angle, you may not receive the accurate count you desire.To help improve the device’s accuracy, you can enter personal information into the pedometer.


You can specify your weight, up to 300 pounds. You can also input your stride length. The Omron HJ-112 is a larger, uniquely shaped oval step counter. The device weighs just more than one pound, making it one of the heaviest pedometers we reviewed. Given its shape and dual-axis sensor, it can more easily shift to the side, which decreases its accuracy.

This pedometer’s battery life is approximately six months. This is a shorter amount of time than many similar devices. There is energy-saving mode that would help improve this digital pedometer’s battery life.

If you have any questions while using the HJ-112, email support is available. We are disappointed that neither telephone nor live chat support are available from Omron. However, there is a user manual included with the device that is also available on the Omron website that can assist you with many of the common problems and concerns that may arise while you use this step counter.
The Omron HJ-112 doesn’t offer many of the advanced features and tools you will find in several similar devices. It has a unique design and will track up to 99,999 steps per day. Some areas could use improvements, including the support options and battery life. We also would have liked to see a tri-axis accelerator sensor instead of a dual-axis sensor for better accuracy. Overall, though, if you aren’t looking for a fancy step counter, the Omron HJ-112 could be a perfect option for you.

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