Review of Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill is an advanced fitness promoting unit. This unit can be used as a walking or jogging platform, within limited space. Comparatively large and heavy framework of the equipment makes it suitable for performing heavier and extensive workouts. In addition, cushioning of the decks by PerfectFlex offers shock-absorbing effect and additional support. The deck can be lowered or raised by operating a pair of hydraulic shocks.

The treadmill from Horizon Fitness offers great help in performing extensive workouts for attaining perfect body and great physique. It is even beneficial for undertaking cardiovascular exercises. The treadmill equipment contributes a convenient platform to exercise regularly under any weather condition, since it can be used within the comfort of home. It offers innumerable physical benefits for lungs, heart and even circulatory system – helping to burn fat and increase muscle toning through a proper and effective manner.

Fitness T101-3 Treadmill from Horizon comes with a computer console with three LED indicators – LED brickyard, LED indicators for target or workout and orange LED window. 9 preset programming options offer variety of targets (calories, time and distance) and workouts (weight-loss, manual and intervals).

Deck systems and quality suspension of the fitness treadmill T101-3 from Horizon provides extra support to body during extensive workouts. Durable motor works perfectly even at higher speeds. Heavier framework gives additional strength to the product increasing its longevity.

Features of Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill

• Heavy and sturdy quality fitness equipment
• 2.25 horsepower continuous motor
• Weight carrying capacity of 300 lbs
• 9 preset options
• Heart rate reading monitoring


• Quiet and stable, easy to use even for heavier workouts
• Better controls
• MP3 sound system to enjoy music while working out


• Needs large space for storage
• Complicated assembling parts
• Supports low cardio exercises


Here is some customers’ shopping experience. As we all know, this treadmill is very popular. Maybe you want to ask some questions. For example, is it expensive or cheap? Is it difficult to handle it? And what happens when we use it?

First of all, we can talk about Terry Trucano who has bought this treadmill.

This treadmill it ran smoothly and quietly. But sometimes, It squeaked like crazy. Because I don’t live in an urban area, it took a month to get service for this and to get someone to come and see what the problem was. So I feel a bit disappointed. The company gave me instructions to give to my husband to mend it. There were cracks and broken sets in that hood and it is made out of very cheap plastic. Then it was running quietly again. I love that this treadmill counts steps. I think the mileage feature is not quite accurate for me. The speakers are worthless. So I just use headphones. I think the company should replace the hood material with something more durable than cheap plastic that breaks and cracks easily. The treadmill seems solid and durable. If you live in a rural area you might want to think twice about ordering this treadmill.

Secondly, it is by SE.

I ordered the Life Span based exclusively on the positive Amazon reviews. I will hopefully use for a few decades. I figured the few hundred dollars would be worth the investment. It apparently just has an upgraded motor and warranty. I said “Sure!” A day later, I received a call from the custom delivery company to schedule the delivery time. The next day, they arrived an hour early.  I was able to push the box through my house and into my office by myself. It powered right up and worked perfectly out of the box. The platform and belt are fully assembled, so there is no need to mess with adjustments or difficult assembly. The treadmill is well designed and is physically very stable and solid. The treadmill motor itself is very, very quiet. The console display is bright and relatively easy to read. It displays speed, incline, steps, calories, elapsed time, pulse, and probably a few other things I can’t remember. The most surprising feature for me was the USB port and the Fitness Club ‘membership’. I didn’t think I would care about it or use it, but it’s a really great feature to see exactly how many steps, calories, and all displayed online in a daily and weekly exercise journal. I am having the carpet replaced in my house, and I realized that the assembled treadmill is too large to move out through my office door. In order to remove it, it has to be disassembled.

Last but not least, it is about luv2run. I have used this treadmill for about two weeks now. I am very pleased with the treadmill. I particularly enjoy the layout of the treadmill. It has a perfect size console, depicting the information very clearly. It doesn’t disturb the flow of the workout. The belt and motor are very quiet. The console and handlebars are stable even when I am running.

In conclusion, you can’t miss it!

$629.99 from Amazon

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