Review of Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

Phoenix 9851098510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill by Phoenix is a heavy-duty flywheel fitted exercising treadmill that would certainly help you to gain perfect body and maintain good health throughout your life. The device proves to be immensely helpful for beginners since the speed adjustment mechanism is related to the nature of jogging or running effort put by the user. The faster the user runs, faster the belt would spin. Therefore, users need not be worried to adjust their speed with that of the working device.

Phoenix 98510 Manual Treadmill can be set up easily. The 41 x 13 inch running belt appears perfect for easy and free movement by the jogger. Self-powered and self-controlled walking/jogging sessions experience truly helps a lot to follow effective health regime, through this manual treadmill.

Phoenix 98510 is even easy to store. The device can be folded upright and stored at any corner of the room. Action of a spring pull pin helps to lock it securely and store at any place of the room. It even does not take much space inside the rooms. There is an attachment to hold water bottle.


The monitor requires two AA-sized batteries for its operation, as the treadmill is entirely based on manual controls. The monitor has single button that displays distance covered, speed maintained, time and even calories burnt.

Additional features of Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

• Self-powered workout session, helps to maintain control over the device and workout sessions
• Easy to store
• Battery operated monitor to scan readings


• No electricity required, manual operation
• Works according to user activity and pressure
• Monitor provided to collect data
• Considerably light-weight


• Monitor becomes non-functional in absence of battery
• Accurate readings is not possible; rather comparative data available on monitor
• Squeaky noise from platform can be heard while operating
• Jerks may appear during initial use

This treadmill is hot sell and with many customer comments. Below is the short cut of their views.
Fuji2003 think this treadmill will do give a good walking as the slightly uphill level. And there are 29 more customers have the same opinion.
Hhughes think this treadmill is very easy to set up and it small will not waste your place. This point sounds great.
And now let’s see following customer feeling which most people agree and think it helpful. How they are going with this treadmill now. Is it better than the motorized one? Does it work well? Will it be noisy and make you boring? Or some else point we need pay attention?
First is Terry from MA, Oh, she very love this treadmill! Let’s go ahead.

I am sooo happy that I order this low price manual treadmill.
It’s even better than the expensive motorized one. You can set it up easily.
This treadmill has a uphill level which make me exciting, get ready to stretch your muscles. It’s light and you can move it to anywhere you like. Sometimes I turn it to the direction to watch TV, sometimes to the window direction, it will take more less place than the big automatic ones. The treadmill surface is metal and rubber which will make you walk more comfortable than walk on the ground. It’s a pleasure to see how much you have walked and how many calories now have burned. You should have one in your life. And it wouldn’t make you disappoint, believe me.

Second is E. Lara, let’s see her shopping experience.
The item is well packaged and arriving at my hand in good condition. All the part and hardware are included and it very easy to set up, just took 20 minutes and just me one person. Then I start my walking with this new treadmill. Found some really amazing good points:1) I found this treadmill is quite wouldn’t produce noise. I can listening music clearly when walking. 2) What a admirable workout this will bring, I can feel my legs burning very soon!

It did need some minutes to make a good belt going walking but I go smoothly with it.
It’s not a big problem as this will not bring any trouble to you, do not worry about this.
I am 5’4″ and my inseam is about 30″, and the belt is long and wide enough. This machine is light and can be move around from room to room. It has few electronic parts which will break and cost you much to repair. If you plan to have one treadmill, this would absolutely be a best choice.

$149.99 from Amazon

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