Reviews of Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill

pros–wider belt, two inches more makes a difference. bigger motor than older model,which means faster changes in speed than before. big clear display, plenty of room for water bottles and junk. push button controls for various inclines and speeds, plus buttons on rails.

cons–don’t even think about putting this monster together unless you are a big boy with a big friend. two truckers were huffing and puffing to get this into my mancave and weren’t much happier about putting it together. the white glove is worth it. the speed buttons aren’t 3-4-5-6-7-etc. in even increments, i.e. jumps from 6 mph to 9mph.

I got pretty good at it though – takes some skill to hold the rail in place to get the bolts started so another person would help. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO PINCH ANY OF THE WIRES THAT YOU CONNECT BETWEEN THE PLASTIC RAIL CORNER COVERS AND THE BOLTS. It would be very easy to damage a wire. Lay out your bolts with washers and always have them reachable – especially for the console balancing act (if doing this solo).

The console will actually sit in place without bolts, but I wouldn’t risk it – well I did risk it and ran back to get a bolt – but I wouldn’t do it again. It is tricky to snap together the two wires while you hold the console in place and then bolt it on. It will stay in place if you position it a certain way, but I would try and put one bolt in to hold it before letting go. Again, most of these hassles are non-existent with two people. There really are not that many parts and it would go quick if you don’t put the parts on the wrong sides and have to unbolt and bolt a few times like I did! Once you get the base in place, I think two people could install it in about 15-20 minutes depending on how installation instructionally challenged they are. It took me an hour. I think there is a video on youtube or Sole’s site that I watched, but I’m not sure if it was the exact model. I should’ve watched the video again right before I installed.

We’ve only used once and liked it – we just got it setup. Note: Sole includes a card that explains you will hear a “thump” at first because the base is stored with the belt on so it has the indentation from sitting. That is supposed to go away after some use. I’ve seen some reviews that complain about that and people get frustrated trying to fix it thinking something is hitting somewhere.

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