Run And Be Smart

Can you believe that if you run fast, you can learn better? Yes, it can be true, according to a study, similar brain waves are used in both cases, either you run or you learn.
A research was conducted at UCLA and scientists were monitoring brain waves, which were related to learning in mice. These waves are named as Gamma rhythms. It has been observed that when mice run faster, more powerful rays are seen.
During the process of learning, some chemicals are discharged in brain, which speed up the particular rhythms, called gamma rhythms. At UCLA a lead author of the study, Mayank Mehta has explained this.
The researchers have concluded that more running results in more brain power. However, more time is required to proof this research. Some previous researches on similar subject have already proved that daily exercise has positive impact on cognitive skills. Additionally, it also reduces the loss of mental abilities, which people face with growing age. In another study, it was revealed that people who do daily exercise can learn 20% more quickly, as compared to others.
You can get plenty of information, which relates exercise with mental abilities. A lot of examples are available, which clearly shows that regular exercise plays an important role in the strength of brain. If you can manage to do cardio, you have to remember an important number, which is 1.4 %. That is the percentage of your week days, which you should spend in doing cardio. You can do it for just 5 minutes and as long as 30 minutes, not more than that.
If you have no time for exercise, try to wake up early in the morning. Yes, it can be difficult but a little effort can help you. If you will do it for 5 days, it will become your routine.

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