Running Consistently

After running for a long time in the moring, you must feel weary, sweaty, hot, and deadly need a bottle of water. So how to fight against those? Here is the tip: keeping running consistently.

From a recent study in the Journal of Experimental Biology, it will be better for average people to do aerobic exercise, getting more neurobiological rewards.

It is out of your imagaination that running would bring you great mental and psychological benefits. Says Jeff Galloway.

It is found that runners’ high who thought highly of themselves can stimulate their bodies’ evolution of running for a long distance in a more effective way over million of years.

David Raichlen, an anthropology professor at the university of Arizona, says that, from a theory way, runners are couraged by natural selection. “Theory suggests that natural selection encourages runners,” says study author David Raichlen, Ph.D., an anthropology professor at the University of Arizona. It is runners’ high causes our Neanderthal ancestors to run a loner distance and for longer time.

When running, endorphins, natural neurochemicals relieving our pain and boost our mood will come up in our brain. One thing you should keep in mind: not to stop your running. So what is the trick to do running consistently? Three tricks are listed as followed:

Be Your Own Cross-Country Cheerleader
No one cheers for you, fine, you can be your own cheerleader and support yourself.

Add Intervals
You are not professional athlete, so no need to be hard on yourself. Some rest intervals will be better for your development of habit of running.

Go Outside
It is uncomfortable indoors to do running. Go outside, you belong to the nature. There is not only freash air, but also fresh world to you. You can try different runing path, which is so exciting.

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