Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer Price $314

The A40 Elliptical trainer can be considered a combination between a stepper and a running device, as it can be used for a large gamma of exercises. It is perfect for home exercising, especially for the morning warm up, but you can also find it in professional gyms. It is recommended by reputed trainers, and the reputation of this device makes it better than other devices of this kind.

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The A40 trainer can be bought for 314$, which is a great price considering the characteristics of this device. You will use it for the entire duration of the winter, when it is hard to go out in the park for a run, especially because you can exercise many groups of muscles. You can use it as a stepper, but also as a runner, with displays and indications for any type of exercising. Moreover, the device also comes with a set of instructions and recommendations about exercises that you could do with it.

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A4 is especially recommended for cardio training, having eight resistance levels and a heart rate monitor. The articulating footplates are resistant, and this is an important aspect, considering that the majority of users of other devices of this type complain about footplates. The handles are ergonomic, and you can set those in multiple positions.

The pre-set workout exercises are perfect for beginners, which don’t have a strict program. You can set it on quick start, but it is also possible to start it manually. The display shows you the distance, RPM, pulse, speed, and the calories that you have burned. Of course, the profile is also displayed, so you would know what you are exercising, and what your goals are.

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If you want to offer this as a gift, you can send it directly to the destination, nicely packed and prepared. Shipping is free for some zip codes, but you will have to check those destinations before claiming this free service. Overall, A4 is the perfect Elliptical Trainer, especially for its price range.


I received this device as a present from my boyfriend. I must admit I was a little disappointed at first, as I was expecting some jewelry, but later, I understood why his present was so great. First, it comes with a heart rate monitor, which is great for me, as now I can control the intensity of training. Second, it comes with six different programs! Even if I consider it as a cardio device more than anything else, it is also great for fitness and force training. I have tried the sixth level of resistance, and I must say that it is pretty demanding. Each level of resistance has its challenges and advantages.

While I exercise at home, this is my favorite device. I am the type of girl that trains at least one hour a day, and since I have the A40 trainer, I must say that my exercising is a lot more effective. It is also resistant, as my boyfriend has 200 pounds, and he is also training with A40 without any worries.

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