Simple Steps to Mountain Sports

So you planned a wonderful holiday in the hills with a whole day of unlimited enjoyment and entertainment. This is supposed to be your refreshing session for both body and mind. Unfortunately, the start to your next day, while you are still in bed and just awake, experiences a different scenario. Your entire body is in pain and this is a feeling that resists the normal physical activity. Fun turned sour would be the ideal expression.
According to former skiing expert and currently the M.D. of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, the common mistake in approach causes this problem. One does not get fitness by indulging in mountain sports but rather, one needs to be in fitness for engaging in mountain sports. Hence, before going ahead for the fun outing in the mountains, ensure you follow a few simple yet effective exercises.
Exercise 1
Shifting your balance with the entire load of the body sideways and switching sides frequently is a must for mountain sports. However, for someone not used to this a sudden exposure can cause physical trouble. The only solution is to get yourself used to this particular pattern of movement in advance so that your day out be fun and not trouble.
Set a marker on the ground with anything, start practicing leaping from one side to other, and keep repeating the act. First, use one leg and switch over to the other in between the leap. Later on, focus on doing the same act but with both feet involved together. Your cuff muscles and thighs along with the muscles in the hip will get used to the kind of exhaustion they would experience during indulgence in sports on the mountain and familiarizing would prepare them for the actual toll taken. Continue this entire set three times, each time for a span of one minute duration.
Exercise 2
Look forward to the usual curls for strengthening biceps, but this time with a different approach. Balance yourself on one leg; it will ensure injuries stay away along with muscle power enhancement. In case you are a first timer with this exercise, ensure safety by using lesser loads for the exercise. The motive of this regimen is to enhance core strength.
Exercise 3
Just like dancing, core strength is the key to easy and smooth movements including twists and turns in mountain sports too. Hence, one needs to take the issue of core strength enhancement very seriously. If not taken seriously, one would become dependable on other muscles and joints for the required movements, which lead to susceptible status for facing injuries. Use an exercise special stability ball to be seated on it. Now follow it up with an exchange of a throwing ball with your exercise partner.
While enacting this, you must make sure your back is not even slightly bent in any part and it is absolutely straight. While this good workout for core to gain power and be stable under pressure, if you are already strong enough then feel free to look at some advanced level workout options too. You can still play the throw and exchange game, but this time use the trick mentioned in exercise 2; play the game while balancing yourself on only one leg. After a while, switch legs and play again. Another option is to stand on a platform, which does not maintain a steady balance or base while you keep playing the throw and catch game with your partner.

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