Special Incentives That Ensure You Do Not Skip Your Gym Workout Sessions

Many suggestions have come through in the recent past to ensure that you do not skip your workouts. But the truth is that more often than not, we come up with the lamest excuses to avoid the gym. Keeping this in mind an innovative application has been developed that will ensure that you do not skip your workout. You need to download the Gym-Pact and put money in your account wherein you enter into an agreement with the service. You need to feed in the number of times you will visit the gym and the duration of exercise.
Technology applications
The Gym-Pact iPhone application makes sure that you pay up every time you skip a workout appointment. True to its name, this application ensures that your pact with the gym is intact. You need to add your gym to the Gym-Pact which is related to the GPS feature. This ensures that you visit your gym and check in to the application when you do so. If by any chance you fail to make it, it automatically debits your bank account. Research tells us that negative incentives do work for us. The study tells us that overweight people who had their money on the line reduced significantly on an average of 14 pounds.
Negative incentives for positive attitude
The best motivation for overweight people to lose weight is when it starts hurting your bank account. Every dollar counts in the present day as disposable income is substantially lesser these days. This negative financial incentive helps to give you the right push you need. If you are not interested in this cash incentive, you can work out a deal with a buddy who also has the same intention on mind. You can plan out the number of workouts per week. If you fulfill your deal, you win if not the other wins. Non financial payouts can also be used as an incentive in such cases.

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