Ten Ways to Prevent Disease and Get Wellness in Your Home

It is time to celebrate prevention and wellness from the next second. From January to December, the whole year should be a time of prevention and wellness. It is a lifestyle and a way of thinking which can improve your holistic health and change nation.

You can buy nutritional supplements or organic products from grocery stores. You can learn about holistic health and hormone balance from TV shows. And also you can get useful advice of prevention, exercise from website. In addition to all the above, the following ten ways you can help you with prevention and wellness in your home.

1) Love yourself more — As women or as mothers, we are often busy in taking care of everyone else so that we usually ignore our own health. Don’t be too much tired and beaten by overwork. It is time to take good care of ourselves and be a good example for our children.

2) Start to check yourself and keep doing this from now on. Having a medical check-up regularly of pap smear, mammogram, colonoscopy, bone density scan, etc. Don’t realize it is important when it is too late.

3) Make sure go fasting when you are checked out. So that your doctor can inspect your cholesterol and blood glucose.

4) Have a complete thyroid test which includes a TSH, Free T4 and Free T3. If the thyroid disease had happened in your family, you have better to been checked for Hashimoto’s disease. Hashimoto’s disease is autoimmune thyroid.

5)Take Vitamin D supplementation or eat something full of Vitamin D to guarantee your Vitamin D levels to be above 50. Some women need more Vitamin D supplementation although the general recommendation is 2000IU-4000IU.

6) Eat enough salad in daily life but watch that dressing. Lettuce such as spinach or romaine is necessary in daily life. Additionally, carrots, celery, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli or other vegetable are all beneficial for keeping healthy. Healthy protein like beans or chicken is essential, but notice that cheese is not included.

7) Keeping a good mood everyday. Enjoy your family gathering, enjoy your hobbies, have fun with your friends, not only human but also animals. Enjoy the sun, the moon, and afternoon naps.

8) Try something new. Hear about acupuncture but never had it? Want to take a massage when you feel like to? Need meditation? Thinking of Pilates? Want to try yoga? Just do it, don’t hesitate.
9) Start and keeping moving. Lifting weights, doing push-ups or doing sit-ups, or trying other exercising activities, which will good for your health.

10) Be responsible for your health. Doctors are not magicians who have magic pills to make your healthy forever. It is your health and you should take charge of it. Drinking enough water or eating healthy.

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