THIS Should be Paid High Attention

This morning, I took Sophia to see a doctor. Sophia is my youngest daughter.

Doctor gave her a basic check.

Our car was packed in the parking ground.

When I got out and walked to my car, I saw a men and his daughter eating their breakfast in the front of the car next to us.

There were a bag of McDonald’s and a Starbucks, I guess it was not coffee, as that little girl looked to be around 6, so maybe it was hot chocolate.

That little girl was wearing a uniform, so I think that she would go to start her school time. I am glad she was eating something before school. But certainly, what she were eating was not the best choices for her growing as these things had high fat, free fiber and sugar bomb. However, these could be seen as their once-a-month-treat. It seemed that they were enjoying together.

Apart from what they had, I did like they were eating together. It reminded me of a recent report whose topic is “State of the American Family: Mealtime a Top Priority”. I read this report from Welch’s.

This report surveyed nearly 900 people and interviewed many family dinners alive; found a result that most family members eat dinner together most nights of the week. 75% people said that they have dinner together with their family 4 or more nights and 34% have together every night.

Why is this so important? Does it really make a difference?
breakfast in Warsaw

Recently, a study showed a relationship between sitting and body weight. Sitting down for a few more minutes every night could be benefit for stabilizing body weight. It seems crazy, does it?

It also good for the improvement of communication and model manners, and the decrease of drug and alcohol use and the grades improvement, and again, help with body weight.

But how can we make it happen, eating with our family every night, 7 days of the week in our busy life. Let’s be realistic, it is difficult to make it a target to hit all meals.

These three tips will help you reach this target.

Pick four days a week and make it a plan to eat together. Make everyone chip in to make it happen.
Look up a cookbook and prepare a recipe that everybody likes. If you can’t cook, pick up a book. So that you will know how to feed a family.
Plan ahead. Make a list of what you are going to do before 5 p.m. such as cut chicken head off, slice meat. Make a menu for the week on Sunday, planning for some cooking days and some leftover days within the week.

Remember to turn off electronics during dinner with your family. Keep in mind that Family Dinner Time isn’t a time of TV, phone, texting or anything else which will disturb this happy time.

Fuel your greatness and let us know how you do on the family meal time!

Image: Flickr / marktristan

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