Tips from Boston Marathon Legendary

As far as we concerned, heat in the sun when running is very uneasy to deal with. Alberto Salazar, and Dick Beardsley- both of them are great runners during the thirty years of 115 Boston Marathons which is also called as “Duel in the Sun” , today tell something to us how to face the changeable temperature in Boston.
Just for fun. Running fast is common to see, however, you should avoid that actually no matter what marathons you take. Boston Marathon’s path is early to get downhill temperature. Remember that you are just for fun here, not for the prize. This is said by Beardsley, the second winner of the Boston Marathon. He recommends runners should spend more minutes to finish the run, which is good especially under a violent sun.
More water. Most of runners don’t drink too much of water. It is said from Salazar that what they usually felt when running is wind in their faces, seldom thirsty. Before, he just drank when thirsty, which is wrong. Today we should realize that and do it.
Pound your quads. For early downhill in Boston, your muscles would feel early tight. So you had better run uphill’s at slower pace, and use proper forms to make you less hard when running downhill. Beardsley also suggests you that pounding your quads often every day.
Know your body. Usually at the last second of rushing to the finish line, runners push themselves to cross it. Salazar is nearly dead in his 1982 race. At that time, he had been exhausted completely, which is just described as potato chip by his doctor. Fortunately, he survived since he had a strong cardiovascular conditioning capable to fight with the trauma.

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