Total Gym XLS Trainer

Do not want to go to gym and hop on to different machines to improve upon your fitness levels? Then what you want is a fitness machine that does all that the machines at a gym are capable of. Total Gym XLS Trainer is one such wonder that not only provides aerobic exercises and cardio workouts but also strengthens most of your muscle groups to increase your strength and flexibility. You would be surprised to see that a glide board and a few attachments are able to deliver much more than a visit to a gym. Using your own body weight as resistance, Total Gym XLS Trainer is good not just at providing effect cardiovascular workouts but toning and building up of nearly al muscle groups of your body.

Salient features of Total Gym XLS Trainer
• Sculpts nearly all muscles in your body
• Resistance that is based upon gravity and your own bodyweight
• Pulley and cable mechanism to provide additional resistance for a challenging workout
• High weight capacity of 400 pounds

This wonderful fitness machine takes up little space and neatly stacks up in one corner of your room. Assembly takes very little time and no screw driving or hammering is needed. The device itself weighs only 83 pounds but it is capable of supporting a 400 pound man. No matter what your target area in your body, there are many exercises to let you focus upon that muscle group alone. Leg pulley mechanism is able to provide effective workout to your calves, quads, and hamstrings. If you use the squat stand provided as an accessory, you can focus upon knees, thighs, calves, etc. slide board is able to provide workouts to lower and upper arms.

There is even a Pilate kit that can be used to improve upon one’s balance and flexibility.

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