Turn Off TV, Find Your Gilrs Outside

Let’s face such a turth: TV can do nothing just keep us formly sit in front of it, and see those dreamed girls, who may never be real. It is said that men watching TV more often than women.

Even you just watch nothing with TV on, you still sit on your coach. You should go out to meet your Mrs instead. Please turn off your TV right now, and go out to find her with 3 tips here:

Being volunteer is a great idea. You don’t necessarily go to a soup kitchen, instead you can join some non-profits and programs, which can make you move. Programs like volunteer ski, snowboard, all are awesome. Chating with some lovely guys by saying some words showing you are a hard worker.

Take a fitness class
Join a fitness class provided by your gym, you may come across plenty of girls. Muscle is charming to attrack your girl, which may be the fastest way.

Join a coed sports team
As we know, working towards a shared goal can be more faster to grow relationship between people. It is true between men and women. In a coed sports team, you can quickly know some girls with more closed emotion. Remember, you should find a real coed team, not just a token girl team member. You can have a look of its rules on the league’s website to see how many girls at least in one team.

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