Weider Power Tower

If you are a fitness freak looking for some serious building up of muscles in addition to strengthening your upper body muscles, what you need is strength training without lifting weights. Whether it is dips, push ups or pull ups, Weider Power Tower is exercise equipment that fulfils all your requirements of strength training. Coming from the house of Weider, this power tower is solidly built and inspires confidence with its metallic frame. You can get a complete body workout with the help of this stationary station.

Body weight exercises are a must for building up of your strength and toning of muscles. This important requirement of bodybuilding is fulfilled by Weider Power Tower with ease. If it is your biceps that you want to focus upon, you can easily do so with the help of pull up station of this power tower. For your triceps, you can take help of the dip station of this power tower. Again, your shoulders and importantly your core muscles can all be worked using the push up station of this amazing power tower. Using VKR, you can even work upon your abs by isolating your core.
Whether it is dips or pull ups, it is the grip of the equipment that is very important. The grips are all padded in this power tower to make it more comfortable for you while doing workouts.

The power tower is made up of steel that is powder coated to give a solid feeling during workouts. Now you can get total body workout without lifting weights as you can lift, pull, push and dip with the help of this wonderful exercise equipment to build up your muscles and strength. Get the sculpted body that you have all along been dreaming without going to gym. This tower allows you to foicus upon individual muscles and even your core.

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