Why do people get sick on workout?

Working out at Gym with some sickness will do more harm than good. Let us hear from Dr Ted Epperly, M.D., Program Director and CEO of the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho for further details
For symptoms above the neck- like sneezing, running nose scratchy throat
A recent study at Appalachian State reveals that the people who have performed moderate intensity exercise like walking are doubly susceptible for cold during their sick times when compared to those who did not perform exercise.
According to the Dr Ted Eppery, physical exercise is fine as long as one don’t over exert. Series exercises of high-intensity like running, swimming or cycling, will suppress the immune system and make the body sicker. To play safe, it is suggested to increase the length of the workout with lesser intensity.
Precautions at Gym
Cold affected Gym goers need to use the anti-septic spray after using the treadmill in order to protect others from cold. Visiting Gyms during non-peak hours and using personal sweat towels are is suggested.

For the symptoms below the neck-like hacking caugh, chest congestion, muscle aches, chills and stomach upsets

Workouts are meant for keeping the body fit, certainly not for gaining championship like Michael Jordan. If the above mentioned symptoms are found, Dr Ted Epperly suggests the Gym goers to take rest from the hectic workout instead of harming the body. With continuous workouts one is inadvertently prolonging the sickness. Recovery from sickness will be faster when there is a break in the workout. In case of fever
Dr Epperly advises the Gym goers, not to visit the Gym when affected with fever. According to him, doing exercise with fever, one is more susceptible to dehydration and even can increases the risk of heart failures. One has to exercise caution when temperature reaches 101.4 degrees and above.
Listen to your body while it speaks out
According to Dr Epperly there is no rule book for perfecting the body. One needs to listen to one’s own body. Taking off two days off from the gym during sick times is much wiser than having sickness for two weeks. In such hard time the Gym goers can always wait till all types of symptoms whether above or below the neck vanishes.

He emphasize with a fact that Gym can always wait for the users till one is completely cured from the said sickness.

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