Workout Tips Inspired By Tim Tebow

People might have heard critics emphasizing on the issue that Tim Tebow can neither throw football nor he belongs to NFL quarterback. He is popularly known for 2 things mainly – winning games like 35 in 3 seasons as a beginner in “University of Florida”; 5 in 6 trials moving up in the chart for revival of Denver Broncos. Tim Tebow works hard to have achieved this goal.
Readers might be eager to know about how hard Tebow works. So here is the answer for you – Tebow during his stay in Florida would continue running up and down (nearly 1,500 steps) at “Ben Hill Griffin Stadium”. Then he used to do swamp for building endurance following speed intervals for developing unique power and strength.
Tim Tebow sharing his point of view:
When asked Tim Tebow about his exercising program he said that steps running increases performance into all activities and also improving his muscular endurance. Further, he stated that following this helps in strengthening smaller and bigger muscles in lower part of a human body. It is not only a physical but also mental test as well.
Tips to follow:
Although it is not as simple as it seems yet those who desire to test themselves like Tim Tebow, here is mentioned couple of drills for them to follow:
• Drill 1: Prior to beginning any exercise, it is important to do warm up. Continue doing warm up by walking 90 steps up and down (2 times). Followed by walking up lunges (90 steps). Doing this can help a person to develop strength without affecting heart rate. If felt tiresome or pain in legs then wait for 60 seconds giving muscles to take a break.
• Drill 2: Last 2 sequential programs are to increase stamina which are – run at the pace that can be maintained for at least 15 to 25 minutes and if bleachers are smaller, continue doing it for 2 to 3 times. Take rest for few minutes and get back to perform speed work. Run at a speed rate to be maintained (30 steps), walk back and then repeat the same in a set of 5.
People trying out the programs might never find himself to be leader of NFL team or winning it. However, the feeling of developing strength as well as endurance would really make you feel better inward. Even this can be appreciated.

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