Yamax Power Walker EX-510 Review

Yamax Power Walker EX-510

This walking pedometer not only tracks your aerobic and walking steps, but also the distance you travel. The Yamax Power Walker excels in its tracking and recording features. Additionally, you can view the amount of time you were active throughout the day, as well as how many calories you burned.
The standout feature of this digital pedometer is its memory. This device stores your daily progress for up to 30 days. It also stores accumulated weekly data for up to 30 weeks. Additionally, when you view all your progress on the device, three separate modes are available.
You can choose to view your current data, which displays the clock, distance and time, along with the number of calories you’ve consumed, how much fat you’ve burned and how many steps you’ve taken. You can also choose to see your daily data or your accumulated weekly data. When viewing the daily and weekly data, you can also view your steps taken, calories consumed, fat burned, time spent being active and distance travelled.
The Yamax Power Walker is designed to measure a walking pace of approximately 100 to 120 steps per minute. If your steps are much faster than this pace, the count may not be as accurate, which is a disappointment. However, the device will count up to 999,999 steps.
This walking pedometer features a 3D accelerator sensor. This allows the device to accurately count your steps whether the pedometer is in your pocket or even in a bag. The device also has an 11-step filter. This means that the device will only begin counting activity after 11 steps have been taken to ensure that activity truly has begun and that the device has not been moved awkwardly. If you take 11 steps or fewer and five second pass without any motion, the previous steps will not be counted.
You can add a variety of personal information to the pedometer to give you readings that are more accurate. If you want an accurate count of calories and fat burned, you can enter your weight. However, be aware that the device will only allow you to enter up to 264 pounds. You can also add your stride length.
The Yamax Power Walker is designed to be carried easily throughout the day. The device is thin and rectangular. It is only 1.3 inches high and 2.9 inches wide, making it easy to put in a bag or your pocket. It weighs 0.8 ounces, making it light enough that you won’t feel weighed down by it. This digital pedometer features an LCD display. However, it doesn’t have a backlight.
This step counter has an outstanding battery life. The Yamax Power Walker will last approximately a year on the same battery if the device is used for up to four hours a day. This is one of the longest battery lives we saw among all the walking pedometers we reviewed.
Additionally, this device has an energy-saving mode that also increases the battery life. If the pedometer does not detect any movement for up to five minutes, it will switch to the energy-saving mode. To return to normal mode, you simply shake the device or press one of the menu buttons.
Along with the pedometer, the Yamax Power Walker comes with an attaching strip. This allows you to easily carry and attach the pedometer to yourself or other items.
If you run into any questions or concerns while you use this digital pedometer, an instruction manual is included with the device and is available on the Yamax website. You can also reach a Yamax representative via email or telephone for immediate answers to your questions. We are impressed with the customer support Yamax provides for this pedometer. We quickly received detailed answers to all of our questions and concerns regarding this pedometer from Yamax representatives.
The Yamax Power Walker is an excellent option for a powerful step counter. This device will track your distance, time and calories consumed. It’s long memory is also exceptional and hard to find in any similar device.
The design of this pedometer is sleek, and the energy-saving mode is a standout feature that helps advance this device even further ahead of the competition. We would like to see a backlight on the LCD display and the ability to count a faster walking pace, but overall, the Yamax Power Walker truly helps you measure your activity and is a pedometer we highly recommend.

Price: $34.95

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